What Actually The Identity Theft Is?

Identity theft is basically a term used to describe the illegal use of another person's identity. This can vary from one extreme to another but ultimately identity theft is the practice of using an identity other than your own, without permission, to commit fraud or crimes. Identity theft can take many forms, including: Financial ID Theft, Identity Cloning, and Business or Commercial ID Theft.

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How Identity Theft Can Harm You?

The records say that nearly 9 million Americans are victims of identity theft each year. Victims of identity theft can miss out on numerous opportunities in their lives due to having their identity stolen. Generally, Identity theft can be of three types:

Identity Cloning

Identity Cloning is done by stealing someone's identity and using it as your own on a regular, day-to-day basis. This can be done with Government Documents Fraud, in immigration cases or any other way.

Business/Commercial ID Theft

A person may also use your business' name to obtain credit on their behalf, which is the case with Business/Commercial Identity Theft. Business theft can cause the loss of thousands of dollars.

Financial ID Theft

This can include credit card, child support, government benefits and charity, just to name a few. This type of identity theft is all about getting money, in whatever form the thieves can get.

How Privacy Protech Can Help You In Identity Theft?

Privacy Protech is one of the best identity protection software starts scanning automatically after completing the set up. Then the software quickly identifies any hidden traces of your identity, password and threat. These traces contain sensitive information such as email ids, login ids, passwords, credit card numbers, contact information and social security number etc. Once these traces are identified, you can choose to delete them and get rid of them. The scan results are neatly organized in distinct categories so you can choose what to delete. We keep to caution each time in any plausibility of Identity or ransomware threats.

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